Jivan Vikas Shikshan Sanstha Risod, Dist-Washim Reg. No. 1531(A)

  • NAAC Accredited " B " Grade (CGPA-2.39) & (2F) status by UGC

Profile of English Department

Department of English has broad vision and concentrated on overall development of students who are belongs to economically backward classes. Department chooses the same path as guided by Swami Vivekananda “Youth are the pillars of the society on which society is built up so the future of nation is totally depend upon them”. And we tried to make it possible by providing quality education.
Now a day`s English language became Language of International Importance and every information is exchanged through it. So the department arranged various activities to fulfil, at least, basic requirements of students and help them to be a successful citizen of India.
  • To educate students from the local and rural areas, so they become enlighten individuals improving the living standards of their Families and Society.
  • To inculcate interest in English Language and increase literary temper to elevate career profiles.
  • To provide excellent knowledge of subject and good facility to the students


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1 English Compulsory Semester I
2 English Compulsory Semester II
3 English Compulsory Semester III
4 English Compulsory Semester IV
5 English Compulsory Semester V
6 English Compulsory Semester VI
7 English Compulsory Semester VI
8 English Literature Semester I
9 English Literature Semester II
10 English Literature Semester III
11 English Literature Semester IV
12 English Literature Semester V
13 English Literature Semester VI
14 B.Sc Semester I
15 B.Sc Semester II

List of Students Admitted

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1 2017-18
2 2018-19
3 2019-20
4 2020-21
5 2021-22


Sr No. Discription Download
1 2017-18
2 2018-19
3 2019-20
4 2020-21
5 2021-22

Publication of research papers

Sr No. Name of Faculty No. of Publication Proceedings Link of Google scholar
National International
1 Mr. T. C. Bhoyar 3 0 1 Link
2 Mr. B. P. Sawale 2 0 1 Link
3 Mr. P. U. Hanwate 5 0 2 Link

Awards & Recognition

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Conferences, Symposia, Seminars & Workshops

Sr No. Name of Faculty Number of conferences, workshops/webinars attended Refresher/Orientation
Regional State National International
1 Mr. T. C. Bhoyar 0 2 23 1 1
2 Mr. B. P. Sawale 0 0 8 2 1
3 Mr. P. U. Hanwate 2 3 25 6 1

Consultancy / Extension / Best Practises

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1 Poster Presentation Competition on 8 February 2020
2 Online Contest on Beauty of English Language, Literature and Covid-19 on 5 May 2020
3 Online Quiz on English Language and Literature on 15 May 2020
4 One Day National Level Webinar on Cultural Studies on 30 May 2020
5 English Language and Literature Association on 22nd Dec 2021
6 Study Tour 2019-20
7 organized conference
8 Guest lecture delivered under MoU 2021-22
9 Organised Guest lecture under MoU 2021-22
10 Organised Guest lecture under 2021-22

Books Published

Sr No. Book Title Authors Publisher Year of publication ISBN No.

Industrial Tour / Educational Tour / Field visits.

Sr No. Tour Title & Description Class Date of Visit Download
1 Toshniwal College, Sengaon B.A. Part III 2020-01-04